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Model ImageHaving excess skin and fat in your abdominal area can make you feel unhealthy and out of shape, even if you aren't. Dr. Braden Stridde performs abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, to help people from Bellevue and Seattle, WA address a variety of concerns including bulging and excess fat tissue in the lower abdomen, loose skin on the stomach, laxity or widening of the abdominal muscles, and unsightly scars or stretch marks in the lower abdomen. Although tummy tuck is popular with women who have been pregnant, it's often a good match for both men and women who want to improve their abdomens when diet and exercise don't.

To experience the art, innovation, and excellence of our practice for yourself, request your consultation online, or call our office at (425) 202-4709(425) 202-4709. Dr. Stridde works closely with each of his tummy tuck patients to provide accurate, honest information and address every concern.

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Is Tummy Tuck Right for You?

A tummy tuck can help you attain a more sculpted abdomen, but it's important to remember that the procedure is not a treatment for obesity. The best candidates for tummy tuck surgery are those who:

  • Have a body mass index, or BMI, of 29 or less
  • Are non-smokers or are willing to quit before surgery
  • Are bothered by fat deposits, sagging skin, or weakened muscles in the abdomen

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Your Tummy Tuck

Dr. Stridde performs tummy tuck surgery while you are under general anesthesia. After making a horizontal incision very low across your abdomen, he trims excess skin and fat tissue away and tightens and repairs loose abdominal muscles. Once he's reshaped your abdomen, he closes the incision and re-creates your belly button. Most patients who have their tummy tuck performed at our surgery center are able to go home the same day and can return to their usual daily activities in about 2 weeks.

A tummy tuck is an excellent procedure for mothers who want to reduce the physical effects of pregnancy. In fact, the procedure is often combined with a breast enhancement surgery such as breast augmentation to make a customized combined surgery called a Mommy Makeover. Abdominoplasty is also appropriate for women and men who have achieved significant weight loss through bariatric surgery or their own diet and exercise efforts. These individuals are often left with loose, sagging skin that can only be eliminated through surgical intervention.

Less Pain with EXPAREL®

Our office is proud to offer EXPAREL as a convenient, effective alternative to pain pumps. This medication greatly improves patient comfort after surgery for 72 hours without drains or tubes.

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A Better Experience

To improve your comfort, Dr. Stridde offers a new FDA-approved numbing agent called EXPAREL®. This innovative medication combines a local anesthetic called vupivacaine within a slow-release liposome to provide lasting relief for 72 hours or more after surgery. EXPAREL greatly reduces the need for narcotic pain medication and helps patients get up and move around much sooner and easier.

Dr. Stridde has found EXPAREL to be a much more convenient pain management option than traditional pain pumps. With EXPAREL, the medication is placed inside the incision during surgery and slowly releases over the course of 72 hours. Therefore, there are no external tubes or drains to carry around with you, as there are with pain pumps. EXPAREL makes recovery simpler and much more tolerable.

Recovery After Surgery

Dr. Stridde provides you with post-operative instructions, including details on how to care for your incisions and bathe yourself. He encourages patients to start walking as soon as possible to help encourage healing and prevent the formation of blood clots. A support garment helps protect the surgical area and improve the cosmetic outcome of your procedure.

You can begin adding some exercise back into your routine after a few weeks, but vigorous activities should be avoided until your incisions are sufficiently healed. You'll notice your scars lighten and flatten significantly over the next 3 to 6 months, with continued improvement possible for up to 1 year. Dr. Stridde takes steps to minimize the appearance of scars and place incisions where they will be well-concealed beneath a swimsuit or underwear. To enjoy your results for the long-term, continue to eat healthful foods and exercise regularly.


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