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Model ImageDr. Braden Stridde is dedicated to offering the latest in safe, effective liposuction technology. Puget Sound Plastic Surgery was one of the first cosmetic practices in the state to offer Smartlipo. Now we offer Smartlipo Triplex™, the most advanced and effective form of laser liposuction. Patients from Seattle and Bellevue, WA visit Dr. Stridde for this leading-edge approach to liposculpture that provides remarkable sculpting with improved skin retraction.

To experience the art, innovation and excellence of our practice for yourself, request your consultation online, or call our office at (425) 202-4709(425) 202-4709. Dr. Braden C. Stridde works closely with every one of his cosmetic surgery patients to provide accurate, honest information and address every concern.

Smart Liposuction Before & After Photos

Before Photo
After Photo

Smart Liposuction Case 10

32-year-old patient dissatisfied with the size and shape of her thighs. Smart liposuction was performed on the front, inner and outer thighs. Administered under general anesthesia with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. An added benefit of smart liposuction is its ability to tighten and smooth o...

Smart Liposuction Case 129

This is a 32-year-old mother of three Seattle Tummy Tuck patient who came to see us because she was concerned about excess fat in her abdominal region as well as her hips and flanks. Her surgical procedure consisted of a full tummy tuck including muscle plication as well as Smart liposuction to h...

Smart Liposuction Case 49

25 year old male concerned about his inability to lose small pockets of fat in his lower abdominal region. Smart liposuction was performed near umbilicus and groin. Notice the symmetry and evenness as well as the smoother, tighter appearance in his after images.

Smart Liposuction Case 13

33 year old underwent Smart liposuction procedure to her hips and flanks. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia by Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Additional benefit of Smart liposuction is its ability to tighten and smooth the skin. Note the symmetry, evenness and smoother skin i...

Smart Liposuction Case 33

Our 67-year old Seattle liposuction patient came to see us  with complaints of excess adipose (fat) on his flanks and abdomen. Dr. Stridde performed Smart Laser Liposuction on both areas. Patient had excellent skin retraction and was extremely satisfied with the results. 

Benefits of Smartlipo

Smartlipo Triplex is ideal for people who want to target small areas of excess fat that are compromising an otherwise shapely figure. A few of this procedure's many advantages over traditional liposuction are:

  • Improved skin toning and tightening
  • More precise surgical sculpting
  • Reduced bruising and bleeding
  • Suitable for patients who might not be candidates for other forms of liposuction

What Areas Can Be Treated With Smartlipo?

Smartlipo can be used to remove diet-resistant fat almost anywhere on the body, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms and chin. In fact, with Smartlipo, Dr. Stridde is able to treat areas that are too small for traditional liposuction methods. Unfortunately, some individuals have not had satisfactory results from previous treatments with other liposuction techniques. Smartlipo is an excellent procedure for improving and refining areas previously treated with other methods.

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Your Smartlipo Procedure

To begin the procedure, Dr. Stridde makes very small incisions on the periphery of the area to be treated. At our practice near Seattle, the tumescent liposuction technique is used. A sterile solution containing a local anesthetic is injected into the treatment area. Next, Dr. Stridde inserts the superfine Smartlipo laser probe, which disrupts the targeted fat cells. The laser technology is specifically designed to target fat cells while producing minimal injury to the surrounding tissue.

This laser light also coagulates small blood vessels, thus minimizing bleeding and reducing bruising. Other benefits of the Smartlipo device are that the extremely fine laser probe allows for very accurate fat contouring, and heating of the undersurface of the skin results in improved skin tightening and contraction.

By using the latest Smartlipo Triplex system, Dr. Stridde is able to reduce treatment time and improve tissue tightening.

Smartlipo is an incredibly versatile procedure and can be used to enhance other body contouring procedures such as a body lift or a tummy tuck. Smartlipo can also be combined with breast lift or breast augmentation as part of a Mommy Makeover.


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Recovery After Surgery

Recovery from Smartlipo may involve less bruising and swelling than older approaches to liposuction. However, recovery depends on the amount and location of areas being treated.

Dr. Stridde will provide you with prescription pain medication and compression bandages to help keep you comfortable during recuperation and to help maximize your results.

Smartlipo patients are showing off their slimmer look and feeling great about their appearance. Ready to join them? Request your consultation online with Dr. Stridde at Puget Sound Plastic Surgery, or call our office at (425) 202-4709(425) 202-4709. The practice offers a complete menu of medical spa procedures and cosmetic surgery for Seattle, Bellevue, and other Greater Puget Sound residents.

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