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Model ImageIf you are considering a body contouring procedure like many Bellevue and Seattle women and men, you are probably curious about your various options, recovery time and other issues. Although Dr. Stridde will be happy to answer your individual questions during your consultation, we want to provide you with as much information as possible in advance. Here are some of the questions our patients often ask about body contouring procedures.

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Am I a candidate for body contouring surgery?

You may be a candidate for a tummy tuck if you are in good physical health, are at or near your ideal weight and are interested in removing sagging skin and tightening stretched tissue that often remains after pregnancy or a major weight loss. A body lift helps patients from Seattle and Bellevue eliminate excess loose skin all the way around the abdomen. If you want to address small pockets of stubborn fat that do not respond to dieting or exercise, liposuction may be what you're looking for. At your consultation, Dr. Stridde can help determine which procedure, if any, is appropriate for your needs. A tummy tuck can include belly button rejuvenation as well as the surgical tightening of abdominal muscles weakened or separated by events such as pregnancy.

What types of liposuction does Dr. Stridde offer?

Dr. Stridde performs tumescent liposuction, which uses an anesthetic solution to reduce discomfort and other complications. The specific liposuction method he uses will depend on which will work best for your particular needs. You can discuss liposuction options during your consultation.

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Can other surgeries be combined with body contouring procedures?

Yes. If you are a good candidate, you can combine a body contouring procedure with breast surgery, for example. This combination of procedures is sometimes called a Mommy Makeover.

Can body contouring procedures help me lose weight?

Body contouring procedures are designed to remove excess skin and/or isolated pockets of fat. Although Dr. Stridde often performs body contouring surgery to tighten stretched tissue and fine-tune curves after a massive weight loss, these procedures are not weight-loss methods.

What kind of anesthetic will my procedure include?

Different surgeries will require different levels of anesthesia and/or sedation. In general, Dr. Stridde performs tummy tucks and other body contouring procedures such as a body lift, with the patient under general anesthesia. The amount and type of anesthetic needed for liposuction procedures will vary with each patient and his or her needs. Therefore, liposuction may take place under general anesthesia, or under local anesthesia with either conscious or oral sedation.


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What causes cellulite, and how can I get rid of it?

Cellulite is a result of thickening of the fat layer just below the skin which can show through due to thinning of the skin, and can be accentuated by fibrous bands that connect the skin to the underlying muscle creating a dimpled appearance. Common factors include aging, genetics and hormone changes. Dr. Stridde offers a cellulite treatment called Cellulaze™. This laser-based system targets not only the fat cells but also the connective fibrous bands, and thinned skin, to eliminate signs of cellulite from within.

What can I expect during my recovery?

Your recovery time and the amount of discomfort you feel, if any, will vary depending on your procedure. Dr. Stridde's liposuction methods tend to result in a shorter and more comfortable recuperation with less downtime than many other methods. You may need to wear a compression garment after your surgical procedure, and you should avoid strenuous exercise until your incisions have healed. Dr. Stridde will provide you with a detailed recovery plan for your particular procedure.

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