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Case 15

Our 63 year old Seattle facelift patient initally came to see us with concerns of her sagging jaw and neck. During her consultation it was decided that once her lower face was lifted she would still have droopiness in her upper face, namely her brows and upper and lower eye lids. Her surgery cons...
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Case 69

Our 65 year old Seattle facelift and browlift patient came to see us with concerns of facial aging. In particular, she was concerned about her droopy eyelids, jowls, excess skin and overall aging appearance. Dr. Stridde performed an endoscopic browlift and a full facelift. The patient is thrilled...
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Case 48

This is a 45 year old Seattle Facelift patient who came to us with concerns of her aging facial features.  In particular she was concerned with the droopy brows, excess upper eyelid skin, sagging cheeks and the appearance of jowls.  Dr. Stridde took a comprehensive approach to the&...
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Case 108

Our 50 year old Seattle limited incision facelift patient was concerned about the aging changes to her face. In particular her jowl area and lowered brow position. It was decided that she undergo a limited incision facelift, direct defatting of her neck, endoscopic browlift and finally hyaluronic...
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