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Breast Implant Revision 84

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Procedures Performed
  • Breast Rescue (Revision)

Approximately 10 months ago, this 52 year old woman had received saline breast implants in which she is now experiencing significant bilateral implant malposition. She wishes to both upgrade her saline implant to a more natural appearing gel implant as well as benefit from a procedure that would tighten her implant pocket so her breast implants remain stable and secure. Dr. Stridde recommended upgrading her implants to the new generation Sientra Textured Shaped Gel Implants as this type of implant naturally adheres to the breast pocket to provide stability as well as provide a much more natural appearing and feeling breast. Removing and replacing the saline implants with Sientra Textured Shaped Gel Implants will also require tightening of the breast pocket as a means to better secure the implant. Dr. Stridde performed the “Popcorn Procedure” in which after removing the old saline implants he shrunk her pocket by thermally contracting the pocket tissue. Once the pocket had been shrunk to the desired size the Sientra 400cc Textured Shaped Gel Implants were surgically inserted. At 7 months post-op the patient is now experiencing her desired outcome of a natural, elevated, stable and beautiful appearing breast.

Age: 52
Gender: Female
Implant Wall: Textured Wall
Implant Placement: Submuscular
Implant Shape: Shaped
Breast Incision Type: Inframammary

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