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Breast Cancer Awareness Isn't Just for October

Dr. Braden Stridde, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in the Seattle area, reminds patients that breast cancer awareness is important year-round.

Federal Way, Washington (November 2011) – Dr. Braden C. Stridde of Pudget Sound Plastic Surgery, is reminding people everywhere that breast cancer awareness is important to keep in mind throughout the year.

Dr. Stridde, a board-certified plastic surgeon and specialist in breast augmentation near Seattle, says maintaining a high level of breast cancer awareness will help women remember to monitor their breast health and will promote research for prevention and treatment.

"It's great to see people come together every October to raise funds and campaign for advances in breast cancer treatment," Dr. Stridde says. "It's important that people maintain this awareness year-round and not just for one month out of the year. Continuing breast cancer awareness throughout the year will help raise funds for more accurate diagnoses and will hopefully pave the way for a cure."

To help his breast cancer patients, Dr. Stridde offers a variety of options for personalizing breast reconstruction. In the past, a woman's only option for reconstruction was breast implants. At his Seattle area practice, Dr. Stridde offers this, as well as options that utilize their own tissues.

"Breast reconstruction is an excellent way for breast cancer patients to make a more comfortable transition back into their daily lives," Dr. Stridde says. "More women have become aware of the advances in breast reconstruction, in part due to Breast Cancer Awareness month."

In some cases he uses breast implants, and in other cases he may use a woman's own tissue to create the breast mound. One such "flap" procedure uses fat and tissue from the abdomen. A secondary benefit is that the patient also gets a tummy tuck for Seattle women who are candidates for this option.

Dr. Stridde explains that maintaining awareness throughout the year will also help create more support for women affected by the disease. "I hope that breast cancer patients feel support throughout the year and that we continue to spread awareness," Dr. Stridde says. "I work diligently to provide the most advanced techniques for breast reconstruction. We need to raise funds for prevention and treatment of breast cancer year-round to show support and continue to campaign for those affected by this disease."

Request your consultation online with Dr. Striddle at Puget Sound Plastic Surgery, or call our office at (425) 202-4709(425) 202-4709. Conveniently located on South 348th Street in Federal Way, the practice offers a complete menu of plastic surgery and medicals spa procedures.

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