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It’s all about the tissues; how to know which breast implant is right for you.

Choosing the right breast implant shape can often times be confusing and overwhelming. In this video, Dr. Stridde discusses the differences between teardrop shaped and round implants, and how each one can affect your final outcome.

The newest generation of highly cohesive silicone gel implants has been engineered to provide a safer and more attractive option for patients who are considering breast augmentation. The softer and more easily conforming characteristics of these advanced implants provide for a more natural appearance and feel of the augmented breast. Another big benefit is the availability of teardrop or anatomic shaped implants that create a more gradual and natural slope of the upper breast.

Patients who are thin or have very little breast tissue benefit most from this implant shape, and it allows them to achieve a much more natural appearing outcome compared to more traditional round implants. Patients with thicker tissues and more breast volume will not see a great deal of difference between either a shaped or round implant and therefore may choose to go with a round implant which will create an attractive breast shape, although potentially with a somewhat more “augmented” appearance.  For some patients, this type of look is what they are hoping to achieve with augmentation, so a round implant would be a more appropriate choice for them.                                     

The good news is that plastic surgeons now have more and better choices to help their patients achieve the kinds of results that they are looking for.

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