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How to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite

shutterstock_108027053Did you know approximately 85% of the US female population, nearly 70 million over the age of 21, suffer from cellulite?
Cellulite, that lumpy, bumpy, dimply looking texture that takes up permanent residence on your thighs, legs and buttocks seems literally impossible to eradicate. Furthermore, even women who are at their ideal weight; physically toned and fit, are still plagued by the appearance of cellulite.

So what causes cellulite?

Genetics, hormones, aging and dramatic weight changes all contribute to its appearance.  These characteristics  cause the connective tissue bands under the skin to harden and in turn the fat cells that surround these bands become larger and are pushed up into the skin in which the final result is…cellulite!

Illustration of normal skin anatomy (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat) and changes in skin with cellulite : accumulation of fat cells push the fibrous septae up resulting in skin dimpling - bumps. Also, collagen fibers are less in number and less organised.

Illustration of normal skin anatomy (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat) and changes in skin with cellulite : accumulation of fat cells push the fibrous septae up resulting in skin dimpling – bumps.

The sad truth is no amount of diet or exercise will eliminate cellulite and while there are many topical creams, massage and external energy devises available on the market to help temporarily camoflauge its appearance, the only way to truly treat it is to attack the structure of cellulite beneath your skin.

Dr. Braden Stridde of Puget Sound Plastic Surgery in Kirkland is pleased to offer the Cellulaze procedure, an FDA approved, minimally-invasive, yet very effective, laser treatment that helps to eliminate cellulite.

Cellulaze can be performed under local anesthesia in an out-patient or clinical facility and takes approximately 1.5 hours to treat one area of cellulite.

The surgery begins with Dr. Stridde making one or more very small incisions near the treatment site. A cannula will then be inserted through the incision site in which he will apply the controlled laser energy.  He first targets those lumpy areas of fat by heating it up and melting it. He then divides and clips those tight tissue bands and thereby releases the tension that pulls the skin down and causes the dimpling affect. Finally, he heats the skin up which subsequently triggers new collagen growth leading to better elasticity, thickness and a smoother, tighter appearance.

Following your Cellulaze procedure you may experience some bruising, swelling and discomfort.  You will need to limit your activity for a day or two but you should be able to resume work the following day depending on the nature of your job.
The cellulite skin tightening affects are typically realized by three months following your procedure. They will continue to improve for up to six months or longer as your body builds new collagen. Results appear to be maintained for at least 2 1/2 years following the treatment.

Cellulaze patient reviews from the RealSelf website:

  • “They say it takes 3 months to see the full results. It’s been 10 days. AND IT’S GONE it’s the best thing to have ever been invented.” – grlygerl25
  • “I am 4 weeks post Cellulaze procedure and the results are amazing! … I am still improving each day. I am seriously considering doing the other back areas. One of my friends even noticed in my yoga pants that it was gone. This has been the best money I could have spentto improve a part of my body that has been an issue for a majority of my life.” – msratchet
  • “Other than the injections for the lidocaine, there was no pain for me. The post procedure soreness is expected, but it is not ‘painful.’ I swear it is like heavy post-exercise muscle soreness.” – cellulazepatient
  • “I am tattooed everywhere and it was less than tattoo pain! The numbing was the worst part.” – ree gee
  • “There is a huge difference even though it’s only been one week … If it looks this good now, I can only imagine what it’s going to look like in another six months! The skin is so much smoother than it was. I have tried massage therapies, different diets or exercise in the past, but it never helped.” – caitlynfiero
  • “Pros: cellulite gone forever in one time treatment that was an hour Cons: minuscule pain of a 1 out of 10 the next day but I still went to work.” – Palmbeachchick

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